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    Electronics design services, custom electronic prototype development & manufacturing services
    LV Electronics
    provides custom electronics design, embedded systems design, prototyping & contract manufacturing services covering a wide area in the electronics domain. We design all types of electronic circuits or products according to custom specifications at affordable costs while maintaining highest possible quality.

    Our services include:
    Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per custom specifications
    Embedded systems design & prototyping (8/16/32 bit based microcontroller, microprocessor hardware/firmware/software)
    Wireless (Radio Frequency, RF) electronic systems design for remote control and data communications
    PCB (printed circuit board) layout design & prototyping (single & multilayer)
    FPGA design using state-of-the art tools and the latest technologies
    Complete electronic product design from concept to completion (turnkey projects)
    Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs for lowering costs
    Customized computer software development (VB, SQL, C/C++ & ASP .NET)
    Mechanical engineering services covering a broad spectrum of skill sets
    Large volume electronic manufacturing service (EMS) at low costs
    On-site engineering services for the above listed areas on a consultancy basis 









LV Electronics bvba, Ouwegemsesteenweg 225, 9770 Kruishoutem, Belgium, Tel: +32 (0)9 324 85 14, info (ad) lvelectronics.be