Your reliable partner for electronic design, engineering, embedded software, contracting and production


    More than 20  years of experience in various fields of electronics design, prototyping & manufacturing is a huge advantage.
    LV Electronics is an electronic - hard and software design-house  and subcontracting production. 
    Our customers are typicaly companies which donít have this electronics expertise available.
    We offer customized solutions and help our customers with the design process, taking into consideration their requirements as well as ecological and human aspects.
    Always investing in a long-term relationship with our suppliers and partners and of course our customers as well.

    LV Electronics is outstanding in the area of quality and workmanship. Our products are guaranteed to be high-quality, generating the best profits for our customers.
    Reliability: We do what we say and make no fake promises. With a critical view, we evaluate and optimize
    constantly our way of working and design process.
    Cooperation: An excellent cooperation with our customer leads to a successful project or product development
    from start to finish.
    Flexible: Key during the development phase is the flexible way of working, especially with urgent or new requirements from the customer.
    Customer focus: We know what our customers demand and help during the development process for an optimized result. Communication is vital in every relationship and as such, an open company policy is needed.
    A long-term vision and cooperation with our customers is the starting point for every new or existing business relationship.
    We offer a complete solution according to the customerís demand.
    Electronics design including embedded software control and manufacturing services are the ideal combination to offer at the lowest cost possible.





LV Electronics bvba, Ouwegemsesteenweg 225, 9770 Kruishoutem, Belgium, Tel: +32 (0)9 324 85 14, info (ad) lvelectronics.be