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Your reliable partner for electronic design, engineering, embedded software and production





Hardware & software development


              More than 20 years of experience in various fields of electronics design, prototyping & manufacturing

              We offer customized solutions and help you with the design process, taking into consideration all your requirements.
              Always investing in a long-term relationship with our suppliers and partners and of course customers as well.
              LV Electronics is outstanding in the area of quality and workmanship.
              Our products are guaranteed to be high-quality, generating the best profits for our customers.


              With a critical view, we evaluate and optimize constantly our way of working and design process.
              An excellent cooperation with our customers leads to a successful project or product development from start to finish.
              Key during the development phase is the flexible way of working, especially with urgent or new requirements .
              Communication is vital in every relationship and as such, an open company policy is needed.
              We offer a complete solution according to your demand.
              Electronics design including embedded software control and manufacturing services at the best cost possible.

              Hardware design
              This involves the development of a full fledged, complete "ready to market" product and consists of:
              enclosure design (either based on readily available enclosures, or custom designed mold preparation),
              hardware design (schematic & PCB design)
              user interface design (front panel/control panels)
              firmware/software design
              product approvals (CE mark, FCC, UL etc).

              Embedded systems design

              An embedded system is the one that "embeds" a microprocessor (commonly called as "processor")
              or a microcontroller (MCU) into the electronics design.
              The best thing about embedded systems is that most of its functions are software controlled and can be changed easily.
              Although embedded systems design are a common part of any electronic systems & used in most of our designs,
              it is worth mentioning it as a separate service since some customers might be specifically looking for this service.

              Application software design

              We have a great deal of expertise and understanding of software development for the PC platform.
              Many times, it is required that the custom designed electronics should be able to connect to a PC for controlling
              or data uploading/downloading purposes (eg. a data acquisition system).
              We fully support and supplement our hardware designs with PC side software development and  have major experience
              in developing applications in Windows and Linux (C/C++ only) platforms  using common programming languages
              (Visual Basic, SQL, ASP. NET)


              Our services include
              Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per custom specifications
              Embedded systems design & prototyping (8/16/32 bit based microcontroller, microprocessor hardware/firmware/software)
              Wireless (Radio Frequency, RF) electronic systems design for remote control and data communications
              PCB (printed circuit board) layout design & prototyping (single & multilayer)
              FPGA design using state-of-the art tools and the latest technologies
              Complete electronic product design from concept to completion (turnkey projects)
              Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs for lowering costs
              Customized computer software development (VB, SQL, C/C++ & ASP .NET)
              Mechanical engineering services covering a broad spectrum of skill sets
              Large volume electronic manufacturing service (EMS) at low costs
              On-site engineering services for the above listed areas on a consultancy basis

              LV Electronics can work on design projects both big or small for large industries or small businesses & individual

              LV Electronics specializes in high-mix, low- to medium-volume build of electronic and electromechanical assemblies
              from prototype circuit boards through box build assemblies.
              You will be able to take advantage of our diverse capabilities, experience, and careful attention to detail
              during manufacturing startup through product end-of-life.
              Our production partners support high and low-mix PCB for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes,
              to modest quantities for pre-production upto to hundreds or thousands in volume production.




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